Sunday, July 8, 2012

On cards, Mosqueto's and Cup Cakes!

what a week, I hope that everyone had a happy fourth of July! Mine was pretty good, went and saw Spiderman in theaters. Great Movie! And then we set off our fireworks around 11:30, kinda late but my brother was working and we wanted to wait for him. We had some great fountains this year, and some other fire works that went BOOM! and I think that that is all I'll say on that.

So I've been busy working on card's and a quilt all week! I finally got some simple cards made up to sell at a friends booth in this consignment shop. I'm really hoping that they sell, I spent a lot of time putting them together. One would have only taken 5 min if that but when your making 64, that takes up a bit of time.

I really like these, there simple but still pretty. I stamped them with a Unity stamp and close to my heart sentiment. Then added some color to the petals and wings along with some glitter! Sent a set to my best friend as well, she loves faeries! Though I should mention that I still have not sent off that Birthday card from 2 posts ago. Yikes, I made it early but, life, what can you do?

On to other subjects I am really, Really, REALLY ALLERGIC to mosquito's. I was bit no less then 4 time's last Sunday night and developed the worst rash from them. My wrist was all swollen and I found myself driving with my knees because it hurt so much. I thought that I had a golf ball in my thigh! And still a week latter I find that they haven't gone away completely. Grrs, but at least my wrist isn't swollen up any more!

Now on to CUPCAKES!!!! YEA!!!
so sadly I do not have a recent picture to share with you but I'll post one from when I made them last year.

Yep if you didn't guess I'm sharing a recipe for Root Beer Float cupcake!

I found this recipe in a Better Home's and Gardens Special Edition.

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Prep: 45 minutes  Stand: 30 minutes  Bake: 15 minutes
Cool: 45 minutes  Oven: 350F  Makes: 24

3/4 - Cup Butter (unsalted, room temp)
3 - Eggs (room temp)
2 1/2 - Cups All-purpose flour
2 1/2 - tsp Baking powder
1/2 - tsp Salt
1 1/2 - Cup Sugar
1 - T Root beer extract
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 1/4 Cups Root beer (I use A&W)
1 - Recipe Float Frosting (see below)
24 - Root beer candies (optional, I found mine at WinCo)
12 - Colorful straws cut in half (optional, you can see that I didn't use them but you would use the specialty paper straws with the red swirl and stick it in the cupcake at an angle to give the image of a drink, or in this case a root beer float)

1) Beat Butter on high speed for 30 sec. then begin adding sugar 1/4 Cup at a time. Scrape down bowl and beat till fully combined.  Add egg's one at a time scraping bowl after each addition.
2) Beat in Root beer and Vanilla extract, continue to mix until combined.
3) Add Flour Mixture (flour, baking powder, salt) and Root beer alternately until just combined (*note: when adding rootbeer the batter will look broken, DONT panic, just make sure that your last addition is flour and you'll see how it comes back together.)
4) Spoon into lined cupcake pans and bake (together if you like) for 15-17 min. once done then let cool.

Float Frosting:

1/4 - Cup Butter (room temp)
3/4 - Cup Vanilla Ice cream (let stand for 10 min)
1/2 - tsp Vanilla extract
4 - Cups Powdered Sugar

1) Beat butter in large bowl until light and fluffy, then beat in 1/2 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream and the Vanilla extract. Scrape down the bowl and mix until fully Incorporated.
2) Beat in 4 Cups Powdered Sugar (a little at a time if you don't want to make a mess) scrape down the bowl and add more Vanilla Ice Cream if needed.

IMPORTANT: if you look at the picture above you can see that the icing gets a little melty, And YES you MUST refrigerate these cupcakes because of the Ice Cream in the Frosting until you are ready to serve. ** if you add a little bit of milk or half and half then the icing will hold up better and you wont have to worry about it melting, though you will still need to refrigerate it** Also both times I have done this the Frosting has been just a little short so you might need to adjust the proportions.

These Cupcakes are delicious and taste just like a Root Beer Float, perfect for the summertime or a special occasion!

Well that's all for today, I'll be posting another card tomorrow so look forward to that. I hope that y'all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

XoX ~Sarah

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  1. I hope your cards sold, they are really cute :)
    I copied the recipe for the cupcakes...they look so delicious!